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Michael Traugott conducts internal review of Gallup’s election polling methods. Read more at New York Times, Huffpost, UM News Service

Amanda Lotz talks to the New York Times on the return of Arrested Development

Ph.D. student Chris Cascio serves as lead author on chapter in Social Neuroscience and Public Health.  This groundbreaking book is the first to bring together these two related, but previously distinct fields of inquiry.

Sandvig to Investigate Games that Teach About Smart Infrastructure

Christian Sandvig Essential utilities like power, transport, and telecommunications are now being transformed with the introduction of information technology, yet the new complexity of these systems is difficult to explain, comprehend, and visualize. Associate Professor Christian Sandvig has received new research funding from the US National Science Foundation READ MORE »

Welcome to Christian Sandvig, Our Newest Faculty Member

The Department of Communication Studies is pleased to announce the arrival of Christian Sandvig as the newest member of our faculty. Professor Sandvig comes to us from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he taught classes within Communication, Media & Cinema Studies and Library & Information Science. He is a researcher specializing in communication technology and public policy.  READ MORE »

Presenting our 2012-2013 MVP: Vanessa Gezari

The Department of Communication Studies is pleased to announce the arrival of Vanessa Gezari, our new Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism for the 2012-2013 academic year. Gezari is an independent journalist who writes mainly about conflict and culture in Afghanistan, South Asia, and West Africa. Though her work has often taken her to faraway places, her first post-college job was a summer internship at The Blade in Toledo, Ohio.

After covering local news, city government, and crime in Toledo and at the Chicago Tribune, she embarked on a risky adventure that some of her friends considered crazy. On September 10, 2001, she boarded a plane to New Delhi, India, where she planned to spend a few months traveling and freelancing. By the time she landed, the attacks of September 11 had drawn international attention to the region, and Gezari became a foreign correspondent overnight.


Planning Pre-Conference after Pre-Conference For Professors Campbell and Kwak

While our students might opt to take a break over the summer, the faculty in the Department of Communication Studies stay hard at work. Take, for example, Associate Professor Scott Campbell who helped organize two pre-conferences for the 2012 International Communication Association (ICA) Conference in late May: New Media and Citizenship in Asia: Social Media, Politics, and Community-Building, along with Associate Professor Nojin Kwak, and the 2-day Mobile Communication, Community and Locative Media. READ MORE »

Is Facebook Just a Fad? Professor Scott Campbell Weighs In

On May 18, 2012, Communication Studies Professor Scott Campbell was featured on Mashable, putting in his comments on whether Facebook’s shelf life is diminishing.

Last month, a study from the Associated Press and CNBC found that nearly half of Americans believe that Facebook is a fad and will be replaced by future competition. The study preempted Facebook’s opening on NASDAQ, which many thought was an event that could determine Facebook’s future.

Professor Campbell stated that it is not likely READ MORE »

Advice for the University of Michigan Communication Studies Class of 2012

One of the main goals of the Communication Studies blog is to provide our concentrators with useful, engaging information. As the academic year comes to a close and we prepare for commencement, we thought it would be appropriate to post some extremely useful information: words of wisdom from faculty and alumni. READ MORE »

Professor Campbell Featured in Consider Online

On April 11, 2012, Communication Studies Professor Scott Campbell was featured in a “Point/Counterpoint” on In the piece, Professor Campbell explains how the rise in social media engagement has impacted social activism. READ MORE »

Nam Center for Korean Studies Thrives under Kwak’s Leadership

Associate Professor of Communication Studies Nojin Kwak has led the Nam Center for Korean Studies since 2009. Today, the Center is thriving with Kwak as director. The University Record recently reported that the Nam Center has received gifts and grants of nearly $2.9 million.

Among these grants is a 5-year, $900,000 grant from the Academy of Korean Studies. Kwak is the primary investigator on this grant which will fund research projects and international conferences on the role of new media in Korea and Asia. According to Kwak, the “endowment funds will be utilized to strengthen the center’s programming on Korean culture, including collaborative activities with the University of Michigan Museum of Art.”

For more details on the grants, view the article in the University Record.

Communication Studies Department Co-Hosts Media Conference in South Africa

During the week of February 27, 2012, Communication Studies faculty joined a group of close to 70 international media scholars at the University of the Witwatersrandin South Africa for a conference titled Beyond Normative Approaches: Everyday Media Culture in Africa. READ MORE »