Communication Studies Professor Published in Journal of Children and Media

Professor Kristen Harrison is published in the current issue of the Journal of Children and Media, according to a recent University announcement.

Professor Harrison, who has studied mass media effects on children since 1992, conducted a study of the impact of TV viewing on the eating habits of pre-schoolers. The study, which Harrison conducted along with researchers from the University of Illinois, looked at three parenting styles: restrictive, instructive, and social co-viewing. The researchers found that parents who were the most restrictive with their children’s TV viewing time and content were the most successful at influencing the eating habits of their children.

Another noteworthy finding from the study was the indication that children watch more than 10 hours of television weekly, making TV the most popular medium for children over Internet and video games.

Overall, the results of the study make a convincing case for children becoming overweight and obese partly as a result of being exposed to television at a young age.

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