Student Intern Bloggers: Summer Series 2014

Any Comm Students interested in being a Student Intern Blogger for us this Summer? We are looking for a number of students to create posts documenting their internships, which will go live on the Department blog!

A few basics:

  • Receive permission from your internship supervisor.
  • Include a header photo of yourself in affiliation with your internship (ex. wearing a company t-shirt, standing in front of company’s building, posing next to company’s logo etc.) – we encourage you to include additional photos as well!
  • Number of submissions vary – some students have chosen to document their journey by submitting a few posts throughout the summer, others write one at the beginning of their internship and one at the end, and some simply write one post at the time of their choosing.
  • Writing format is fairly open-ended – ultimately, we would like to get a sense of your internship experiences and in turn, what you learned!

E-mail: if interested or for more information.

Bonus: If you choose to write for us, you will receive a free Comm Studies t-shirt!

Also: Don’t forget to Tweet at us with ” #UMCommInterns14 ” letting us know about your internships!

Click on pictures to see how previous students have written about their internship experiences:

matt ryan phoebe

Matt Berk @ the Today Show

Ryan Burdick @ Discovery Communications

Phoebe Barghouty @ Forbes Middle East

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