Get to Know Katie Brown

As 2013-2014 Howard R. Marsh Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Katie Brown brings a fresh perspective and a diversity of experience to the position.

By creating her own major centered on filmmaking, film history, and business, Brown’s undergraduate studies at Rice University fueled her fascination with the power of the mass media. After graduating from Rice in 2006, Brown entered the Ph.D. program in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. Since finishing her Ph.D. in the Fall of 2012, Brown has gone on to create and teach classes within her field of expertise. As a lecturer within the Communication Studies department, Brown has taught for a number of classes, including Arab-American relations in the Media, Media & the Politics of the Extreme, and Satire, Media & Politics.

In addition to her work with the Communication Studies department, Brown works within the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research Center for Political Studies as a communication strategist. Between her Master’s and doctoral level work, Brown took a break to work in the film industry in Los Angeles. She continues to read scripts for producers and writing her own screenplays.

As a researcher, Brown has published a number of works, with a focus on the power and prevalence of the media today. “My projects have varied quite a bit and I attribute this to a willingness to pursue whatever seems interesting and relevant. This could create a disjointed research agenda. But in the unifying line is my concern for media representations of and access to media by those with less mainstream power.”


Brown’s published works include Intermedia Framing and Intercultural Communication: How Other Media Affect American Antipathy toward Al Jazeera English, Mobile Phones Bridging the Digital Divide for Teens in the US?, and After Egypt: Can Al Jazeera English leverage its “moment” into an American Audience?.

For Katie Brown, the meaning of success includes opportunities to be creative, connect with people, and enjoy life’s little moments. While her research offers the chance to travel and explore the world, Brown also thoroughly enjoys what Ann Arbor has to offer, especially in the summertime.

As a teacher and a mentor, Brown encourages students to see everything the world has to offer, “Appreciate school while you can. Having the time to think and explore is priceless. Try to take the openness of college with you wherever you go.”

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