Entertainment Media Career Forum Panelist: Dana Narens

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Dana Narens is a 2013 alumna in Communication Studies, now Executive Assistant to the Head of Management at Mosaic Media Group in Los Angeles, CA. Her company represents talent, literary and director clients for TV and film, but is especially prominent in the comedy arena. Prior to joining Mosaic, she worked as an Executive Assistant for TV Literary Agent at Paradigm Agency. Before landing a full-time job, Dana worked at the LA Film Festival as an Assistant to the Event Producers and as the Special Events Coordinator for the 4th No Budget Film Festival. Dana is also currently working part-time as the Special Events Director for the 5th No Budget Film Festival.




Q: Tell us a bit about the company that you work for.

Dana Narens: Mosaic Media Group is a Management and Production company in LA that specializes in comedy talent, writers and directors. On the production side, Mosaic has a first-look deal with Sony Pictures for feature and with Legendary for television. That means that the projects Mosaic produces are brought to those studios first before going out to other buyers. Some of our top clients include, Judd Apatow, Will Ferrell, Andy Samberg, Jessica Chastain, Adam McKay, Chris Pratt, Lizzy Caplan, Jeff Nichols, Craig Johnson, Lonely Island and more.

Q: Describe your general work duties or a day-in-the-life.

DA: My day-to-day duties are mostly administrative; I answer my boss’s phones, coordinate her schedule and our clients’ schedules and book travel. However, I am also tasked with covering studio, network and independent projects for our bi-weekly casting meeting. This aspect of my job is very hands on. For my assigned projects, I am responsible for tracking new projects and then staying in regular communication with casting and production about the status of the projects and what they’re looking for. This ensures that Mosaic has up-to-date information. I also read and provide my boss with coverage and notes for both our clients material and for incoming project submissions for our clients.

Q: What is one of the best, as well as one of the most challenging, aspects of working in Entertainment Media?

DA: Paying your dues. And, I am definitely still in this phase! It can be hard to remember why I signed on to work insanely long hours for little pay, but then every so often something great will happen at work that I had a direct impact on. These moments remind me what my end goals are and why I want to continue on this path.

Q: What was your first job post-grad?

DA: My first real job after graduating was working as a TV Literary Assistant at Paradigm Agency.

 Q: Can you recall any University of Michigan classes, clubs, or organizations that lent to your success in the Entertainment Media industry?

DA: Easy answer: MACS. Being on the board and attending the events of this student organization provided me with the opportunity to lead some of my peers, while working in a team with others. Understanding the importance of both leadership and teamwork is such an important skill to have in any business, but especially in the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry.

Q: Provide one tip for undergrads looking to get into the Entertainment Media industry.

DA: Network and take advantage of networking opportunities. There were so many times that I didn’t want to go to networking events because I was tired, lazy or just not in the mood; however, these are the places that I made my first connections with working alumni and industry professionals. Just do it!

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