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Introducing Assistant Professor Muzammil Hussain

Written by Olivia Avery, in coordination with Muzammil Hussain

mQA4ryAlAssistant Professor Muzammil Hussain has lived his life in a series of nine year segments, starting in South India, then relocating to Midwestern Ohio, and since then traversing the globe through his studies, research, and writing. His field research on comparative media studies and digital politics has included time in Western Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. But it was his foundational and contrasting experiences between Bangalore and Cleveland that have also shaped his line of inquiry.

In beginning his next adventure, he has found himself right here, in Ann Arbor as a new Assistant Professor of Comparative Media Studies. Hussain’s academic interests were seeded for four years at the University of Wisconsin’s undergraduate program in Journalism, and then shaped for another five years at the University of Washington’s masters and doctoral program in Communication. He has done extensive research in Comparative Media Studies and Political Communication. Additionally, he teaches courses concerning information networks, digital media and politics, and research methodology. READ MORE »