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Summer Internship Series: Hannah Schiff

Hannah Schiff photoFor the past four weeks I have been interning at Clique. Clique is the content and technology company behind the fashion brand Who What Wear, which is the leading platform for shoppable fashion and style content. Clique also owns the beauty site Byrdie and the lifestyle site MyDomaine. As an avid reader of Who What Wear for many years, excitement was an understatement when I received news that I had earned this internship.

I am an Affiliate Partnerships Intern, working on all of Clique’s platforms. For those of you who don’t know what affiliate partnerships are (I didn’t when I started), they are the business relationships that Clique has with the various brands and companies that are featured on the three websites. These partnerships are a source of revenue for Clique, as the company makes a commission from products featured on the site that are then purchased by consumers. The Affiliate Partnerships department also focuses on SHOP, Clique’s e-commerce site, where all the products featured are shoppable. Boutiques such as “Stylish & Comfortable Shoes to Wear to the Airport” or “The Most Powerful Waterproof Mascaras” that are developed by Clique editors are featured on the site. Everything in the boutiques can be purchased online.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on numerous different projects, all of which have been interesting and exciting. I normally start my day by going through all three sites (Who What Wear, Byrdie, and MyDomaine) and doing edit inclusions. Edit inclusions is the process of reviewing all articles on the sites, and noting if and when an affiliate partner product is featured. All of this information is crucial to ensuring that a promotion with each specific brand runs effectively. In addition, I have been working with different affiliate networks by researching trends in sales for different companies.

On the more creative side of my job, I help develop numerous “boutiques” for SHOP during each week. I am able to handpick products that I think would fit within the parameters of each specific boutique and that are aligned with Clique standards. My favorite part of the internship so far is writing social media posts that direct readers to different SHOP boutiques. I have been scheduling social posts since the first week, but more recently I have been given the opportunity to write the content that I schedule. As a Communication Studies major and Writing minor, I love writing and it has been so fun to write for Clique. Social posts, however, are a lot harder to create than I thought. When crafting posts, I have to use a specific style that not only engages the reader, but also makes them want to click on the link.

So far I have really enjoyed my internship at Clique. Given that I hope to one-day work for a fashion magazine, working at Clique this summer has been an amazing opportunity!