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MACS Internship Panel – Dayle Maas

internship panelA Communication Studies major can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities stemming from advertising and marketing to public relations to broadcasting and journalism. On Monday, February 15, MACS hosted an Internship Panel Event consisting of six Executive Board Members who presented on their past summer internships related to industries within the Communications field. The panel provided advice on the application and interview processes, explained day-to-day internship tasks, and shared helpful tools on landing the perfect internship.

Mallory Bodker: Jackson Spalding
Mallory, a sophomore, interned at Jackson Spalding, a marketing communications firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Her focus was on event planning for Toyota, but she also worked with Delta, Chick-fil-a, and Coca-Cola. As an event planner intern, Mallory coordinated with restaurant caterers, decor experts, audio/visual experts, and many other professionals to piece together the details of a couple events. Mallory also was able to explore other areas within Jackson Spalding such as writing press releases, gaining experience with Microsoft Excel, learning about the brainstorming process, and sitting in on a client photoshoot. Mallory’s biggest piece of advice is to use your connections. She says not to be ashamed to reach out to friends or family about internship inquiries or advice; more times than not they want to help and will have suggestions!

Andrew Fridenberg: Faith Maxwell
Andrew, a sophomore, interned at Faith Maxwell, a graphic design studio with a focus on website design and brand marketing. Andrew focused on the marketing of business and researching potential clients for Faith Maxwell. As a freshman applying for summer internships, Andrew was determined to apply to as many as possible even if companies were looking for juniors or seniors. He found his place for the summer at the small graphic design studio and now suggests to others to not dismiss companies just because they are smaller. He sees many pros to small companies, such as hands on experience, being able to see the real effects of your work, and ultimately feeling a sense of value in the company because of your efforts. Andrew also highlights the importance of a cover letter during the application process as it gives a quick insight into your enthusiasm, writing skills, and personality.

Hannah Schiff: NBCUniversal
Hannah, a senior and the president of MACS, interned at NBCUniversal the summer between her sophomore and junior years. Hannah’s application and interview process was lengthy, but she was determined to continuously follow-up and stay in contact with NBCUniversal throughout the process. Eventually, it was because of a follow-up email that led recruiters to see her determination and offer her the internship. Hannah’s daily responsibilities included attending meetings, writing recaps, doing research, and creating content for galleries. Some highlights of her summer included The Biggest Loser Press Day and pitching ideas for a show called A to Z. Through the NBCUniversal Internship Program, Hannah was exposed to informational interviews, career development workshops, and intern bonding events. She says her experience at NBCUniversal helped her learn what to do when she makes a mistake and how to ask for help; two important lessons for any internship.

Sarah Schuman: Starcom Mediavest Group
Sarah, a senior, interned at Starcom MediaVest Group, a full-service media planning and buying agency with clients such as Kraft, Kellogg, and Wrigley. Sarah first had an informational interview with a recent U-M graduate who was on the Starcom search team. From there, she utilized the U-M Career Center for cover letter and resume help. She recommends taking the time to answer application questions and writing your cover letter as it helps the company get the best sense of who you are and what team to place you on. Sarah also recommends preparing for interviews by researching the company, the different areas of the company, recent case studies, and what differentiates the company from others. Throughout Starcom’s internship program, Sarah met with supervisors to establish goals and met weekly to discuss the progress of those goals. From these evaluations, Sarah learned the importance of problem solving and asking questions.

Sarah Scott: Merit
Sarah, a senior, was an Events and Promotions Intern and Social Media Intern at Merit, a fashion brand founded by U-M alumnus David Meritt. Merit donates 20% of purchases to fund college scholarships. Through Sarah’s internship, she researched marketing techniques for events, developed ideas for events, and then presented those events at the end of her internship. She also ran Merit’s Twitter account and ran analytics to measure engagement. From her internship at Merit, Sarah learned about the value of taking initiative and the value of open communication. Like Andrew, Sarah also loved her experience at a small company, as well as being able to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Leah Shepherd: Your:People LLC
Leah, a senior, interned at the public relations firm Your:People LLC in Southfield, Michigan. Your:People focuses on public relations, business development, and speaking engagements. Through Leah’s application and interview process, she learned the importance of knowing the difference between public relations, marketing, and advertising, and she also recommends doing research prior to your interview. After the interview, she suggests following up with an email, hand written thank you note, or both! Leah’s daily tasks varied, but included creating media lists, contacting press, creating social media plans, and preparing for client interviews on radio and television; she loved that each day was different. At Your:People, Leah learned interns aren’t expected to know it all from day one and learning is a part of the process, which means asking questions is important to the process!

Panelists at the event.

Panelists at the event.

MACS’ Internship Panel was filled with great advice for all stages of the internship process. From graphic design and marketing to the entertainment industry to public relations, the variety of internships shows the vast possibilities a Communication Studies major can pursue.

Summer Internship Series: Hannah Schiff

Hannah Schiff photoFor the past four weeks I have been interning at Clique. Clique is the content and technology company behind the fashion brand Who What Wear, which is the leading platform for shoppable fashion and style content. Clique also owns the beauty site Byrdie and the lifestyle site MyDomaine. As an avid reader of Who What Wear for many years, excitement was an understatement when I received news that I had earned this internship.

I am an Affiliate Partnerships Intern, working on all of Clique’s platforms. For those of you who don’t know what affiliate partnerships are (I didn’t when I started), they are the business relationships that Clique has with the various brands and companies that are featured on the three websites. These partnerships are a source of revenue for Clique, as the company makes a commission from products featured on the site that are then purchased by consumers. The Affiliate Partnerships department also focuses on SHOP, Clique’s e-commerce site, where all the products featured are shoppable. Boutiques such as “Stylish & Comfortable Shoes to Wear to the Airport” or “The Most Powerful Waterproof Mascaras” that are developed by Clique editors are featured on the site. Everything in the boutiques can be purchased online.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on numerous different projects, all of which have been interesting and exciting. I normally start my day by going through all three sites (Who What Wear, Byrdie, and MyDomaine) and doing edit inclusions. Edit inclusions is the process of reviewing all articles on the sites, and noting if and when an affiliate partner product is featured. All of this information is crucial to ensuring that a promotion with each specific brand runs effectively. In addition, I have been working with different affiliate networks by researching trends in sales for different companies.

On the more creative side of my job, I help develop numerous “boutiques” for SHOP during each week. I am able to handpick products that I think would fit within the parameters of each specific boutique and that are aligned with Clique standards. My favorite part of the internship so far is writing social media posts that direct readers to different SHOP boutiques. I have been scheduling social posts since the first week, but more recently I have been given the opportunity to write the content that I schedule. As a Communication Studies major and Writing minor, I love writing and it has been so fun to write for Clique. Social posts, however, are a lot harder to create than I thought. When crafting posts, I have to use a specific style that not only engages the reader, but also makes them want to click on the link.

So far I have really enjoyed my internship at Clique. Given that I hope to one-day work for a fashion magazine, working at Clique this summer has been an amazing opportunity!


Summer Internship Series: Sarah Scott

This summer, I have the pleasure of serving as a marketing intern with Merit, a cause-based fashion brand located here in Ann Arbor that shapes the fate of students in need by helping send them to college. Merit does this by donating 20% of ALL revenue to fund college scholarships. It’s an amazing cause that I’m truly passionate about.


I actually discovered this internship opportunity in the Communication Studies weekly emails that Cheryl Erdmann, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the Department, sends out. Prior to receiving the email, I had already been following Merit closely as its cause is one that I highly regard. Dave Merritt, founder of Merit Goodness, has hosted multiple events on campus so I have also had the opportunity to hear him speak on various occasions.


In order to land the position, I went through what I felt was a standard application process. I followed-up with the weekly email and sent my resume and cover letter to Merit. I was fortunate enough to be one of the students selected for an interview. From there, the rest is history.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing brand.


This summer has certainly been a whirlwind.  Not only is it the summer before my senior year officially starts, but I also celebrated my 21st birthday in June at a Merit event.  On my birthday I had the unique opportunity to attend Virgin Atlantic’s “Ain’t Too Proud to Pitch” event at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit representing Merit! I will always remember this special night.


“Ain’t Too Proud to Pitch” was an event to celebrate the launch of the new Virgin Atlantic flight service between Detroit and London. The event provided networking opportunities, insight and discussion for an audience of 300 guests, made up of media, Detroit influencers and business owners. Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, was the host accompanied by a panel consisting of Dan Gilbert, chairman and founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans, Bridget Russo, chief marketing officer for Shinola, and Adirel Thompson, founder of Digital Laundre. At the event, Dave Meritt, founder of Merit had the chance to pitch the Merit story to Richard and the rest of the panel.


Sarah Scott Picture

(Merit Marketing Interns at Virgin Atlantic’s “Ain’t Too Proud to Pitch.” I’m wearing red.)

Prior to the event, interns were instructed to create a social media content calendar to be utilized to generate awareness about Merit and its involvement in Virgin Atlantic’s “Ain’t Too Proud to Pitch” event. As part of this calendar, we collaboratively developed posts across all social media platforms announcing Merit’s involvement in “Ain’t Too Proud to Pitch” generating approximately 204 likes more than the average in just two days! It was very rewarding to know that we were successful in engaging with the public on social media through our posts.


Needless to say, this “Ain’t Too Proud to Pitch” event was an incredible experience and a fabulous way to spend my birthday! I could go on and on about how wonderful Merit is but it is better you see for yourself. If you’re in Ann Arbor, be sure to stop by the store at 1113 S. University Ave and support; if not, make sure you visit to check out our products and learn more about the cause.


I’m thrilled to continue learning and putting my skills to use through this internship. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store!


Summer Internship Series: Nathan Novaria

A Summer in Pure Michigan

Nathan Novaria_1I enjoy work that positively impacts the lives of people, so when the time came to search for an internship position, I decided to return to my old stomping grounds for another summer instead of looking for a new job. Located in my hometown of Kalamazoo, MI, Southwest Michigan First (SMF) is nonprofit economic development organization that is passionate about cultivating a strong future in the seven counties that make up our region. Established in 1999 on the principle that the most powerful force for change is a well-paying job, it focuses on projects and initiatives that positively impact the lives of people.  With its unique model of philanthropy and capitalism, the organization is internationally recognized from Melbourne to Vancouver for its innovation in the field of economic development.


As a double major in Communication Studies and Organizational Studies, the position as a Communications Fellow seamlessly blends together my courses of study at the University of Michigan and provides me with the opportunity to look at my projects through a variety of lenses.  Within the position, I primarily work on the marketing team assisting with the strategic branding efforts of each part of the organization. Most recently, SMF launched an internship search site,, which provides students at the surrounding universities in Kalamazoo County with helpful application preparation and interview resources as well as a list of internships posted by local companies throughout the entirety of the year. Collaborating with a team of two awesome supervisors, I assisted in the execution of a launch strategy that helped market the site to our two target groups: college students and businesses.  Through crafting audience-focused marketing content and utilizing Hootesuite, a social media management software program, as well as other various online marketing resources, the website has seen a successful launch. Companies are able to connect directly with young talent looking for professional experience before entering the workforce, and college students can gain valuable insight into the application process before beginning their job search.


In addition to fine tuning my marketing and social media skills, the project has also allowed me to work with a passionate team of individuals and continue to develop my own work aesthetic. Organizational efficiency is a key component in the operations and practices in Southwest Michigan First. By collaborating, setting benchmarks and effectively managing each of our tasks, we are accomplishing our set goals and ensuring the mission of SMF is fulfilled.  Each individual is an integral part of the work that we do within the organization.  Though each member has their strengths and weaknesses, united together we are able to accomplish work in an efficient and effective manner that one individual could not do alone. I am thankful for this opportunity to work with an award-winning nonprofit filled with mentors and leaders that are making a difference in the lives of others.


Nathan 2

Nathan Novaria and the other SMF interns



Summer Internship Series: Katelin Toporski

The Skinny on my Summer: Tips from a Fat Camp Intern

1I stood at the train station in Grand Rapids, MI, anxiously waiting to board. Since February, I’d been dreaming of the day that my “Big New York Adventure” would start.

In October, I eagerly applied for internships, hoping that some glamorous company would catch my eye, hire me immediately, and pay me a disgusting amount of money…apparently that’s not how the internship hunt works.

I watched my friends within the Communication Studies program get hired by Chevy, the PGA Tour, and even the New York Times! I was beyond envious, until I finally received a Skype interview from Camp 2Shane, New York’s infamous weight-loss camp. About two weeks after my interview, I was offered the position of Social Media & Marketing intern!

No, it wasn’t in the city. No, it wasn’t high-paying. No, it was not what I had in mind when I originally began my search for the internship of my dreams. But, it was an opportunity for growth, improvement, and the implementation of the skills I had learned during my first two years of Communications prerequisites. (Plus, another chance to drop the lingering remnants of my “Freshman 15”).

3After an 18-hour train ride, an awkward, train station pick-up from a coworker who only listened to Nickelback, and various phone calls to update my ever-worrying mother, I arrived in the boondocks of upstate New York to start what was sure to be an interesting summer. I was hurtled into the land of social media management, SEO (search engine optimization), fitness blogging, and healthy eating. From Zumba to spin class, cooking to nutrition, I’m the public’s secret eye to the inside of the camp with all the secrets to fighting childhood obesity.

Approaching my three week mark of the nine I’ll be here at Shane, I look back to see what I’ve learned thus far…

  1. Being on time is important. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 or a summer camp, make sure you’re punctual.
  2. Set goals for yourself. Make a list of what you need to accomplish for the day, the week, the month, the summer! You’ll get things done when you have a list.
  3. Social media is so real and so important. Parents, campers, perspective clients, relatives, etc. LOVE seeing pictures and updates. One of the key tools in being successful in marketing and recruiting is having a solid platform on several social media sites.
  4. Confidence is important, drive is huge, but passion is key. Enter into projects with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Blow them out of the water with your dedication, your ideas, and your get-it-done and get-it-done-well attitude.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun. While most hours I’m typing up healthy-living blogs, making copies, or sounding overly-excited while answering the phone, I still find time to have the4 traditional summer camp fun. Make friends and memories; take advantage of this wonder that is summer.

So, whether you’re waiting tables, babysitting, or interning big this summer, redefine your name, create an outstanding work ethic, and grow your skills in every way possible.

While I’m losing some pounds, interning at fat camp is helping me gain so much more.

Kate out.