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Get to Know Katie Brown

As 2013-2014 Howard R. Marsh Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Katie Brown brings a fresh perspective and a diversity of experience to the position.

By creating her own major centered on filmmaking, film history, and business, Brown’s undergraduate studies at Rice University fueled her fascination with the power of the mass media. After graduating from Rice in 2006, Brown entered the Ph.D. program in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. Since finishing her Ph.D. in the Fall of 2012, Brown has gone on to create and teach classes within her field of expertise. As a lecturer within the Communication Studies department, Brown has taught for a number of classes, including Arab-American relations in the Media, Media & the Politics of the Extreme, and Satire, Media & Politics. READ MORE »

Mobile Internet and the Cost of the Digital Divide

A recent study by graduate student Katie Brown, Assistant Professor Scott Campbell and Faculty Associate Rich Ling provides evidence that the digital divide may be narrowing through the use of internet-enabled mobile phones. However, for low-income families this access may be welcomed, but costly. To examine this relationship, Brown, Campbell, and Ling conducted nine focus group sessions in four American cities, in concurrence with data gathered from a 2009 national survey of US teens by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. Their study, “Mobile Phones Bridging the Digital Divide for Teens in the US?,” provides encouraging statistics for the power of mobile phones to equalize access to information, while drawing attention to remaining digital inequities when it comes to equipment and the cost of bridging the divide.


Can Al Jazeera English Leverage its ‘Egypt Moment’ into an American Audience?

A new study by Will Youmans and Katie Brown called “Can Al Jazeera English Leverage its ‘Egypt Movement’ into an American Audience?” was published in Arab Media and Society. The goal of the study was to examine whether or not Al Jazeera English will be able to capitalize on the increased viewership recieved during the coverage of the situation in Egypt and North Africa.


Katie Brown Received Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Katie Brown has been awarded the highly competitive and prestigious Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship which supports outstanding doctoral students who have achieved candidacy and are actively working on dissertation research and writing.

Howard R. Marsh Distinguished Research Fellow Lecture

On March 12, 2010 Associate Professor and 2007-2010 Howard R. Marsh Distinguished Research Fellow Nojin Kwak presented “Soft News and Political Engagement: Exploring the Role of Late Night and Comedy Shows in Policy Assessment and Candidate Evaluations.”


Caitlin Brown Presented at the Midwest Popular Culture Association

Katie Brown presented her paper, “Technologically Satirical: The Daily Show’s Subversion of Technology to Create Political Comedy,” at the Midwest Popular Culture Association (MPCA).